Welcome to the Medicine Wheel Garden at Lusscroft Farm

DSCN2963  When you plant a garden, sometimes you get more than you expect.    Gardeners Paul Cardillo and Brian Hennessey had a vision “inherited from   area youth” in the early 2000’s for a community garden at the historical   Lusscroft Farm area of High Point State Park.  Since installing the Medicine   Wheel Garden in 2009, the community of volunteers and admirers   continues to grow, drawing gardeners, farmers, educators, artists and nature lovers to celebrate this Sussex County gem each spring.

The Friends of the Medicine Wheel is a volunteer group who host an Annual Medicine Wheel Festival & Community Garden Celebration in May in conjunction with the Heritage and Agriculture Association, a friends group of Lusscroft Farm. The two day event features an array of local music, gardening workshops, tours, perennials and annuals plant sale, craft and food vendors, community discussions and more to support the continued growth and preservation of the gardens and historical buildings. Sister Moon Garden at Lusscroft Farm

Hennessey always saw the gardens and celebration as “Living Art and Culture” in Northwest New Jersey.   “The Medicine Wheel group has given Lusscroft Farm and New Jersey a healing and growing presence, a living example of people and nature together, which is the Sussex County motto.”

The Medicine Wheel Garden designed by Cardillo and a Compost System designed by Hennessey were installed at Lusscroft Farm in 2009.  The Medicine Wheel is a circular garden divided into twelve sections, each featuring three medicinal and deer resistant companion perennials.  The gardens use permaculture or permanent agriculture, a method of farming with natural cycles and interconnection.  In 2010 a crescent shape moon garden “Sister Moon” was added.  It’s silvery, white and fuzzy foliage and flowers, reflect the moonlight on summer evenings.  In 2012, period plantings were installed at the the historical Manor house and Managers dwelling by the Medicine Wheel group.

Jungle Jazz Initiative at Medicine Wheel CelebrationThe Medicine Wheel Garden Project at Lusscroft Farm is presented by the Heritage and Agriculture Association in cooperation with NJDEP/ Div. of Parks & Forestry. The Medicine Wheel Festival & Community Garden Celebration is held each year and the proceeds go to benefit Lusscroft Farms buildings, trails and year round events at this beautiful and historic farm.

Written By Kath Galvin

20 thoughts on “Welcome to the Medicine Wheel Garden at Lusscroft Farm

    • Hi Daryl, Lusscroft Farm is part of High Point State Park and follows their rules. Leashed friendly dogs are ok. That being said, it is a large event and dogs are better left home for everyone’s safety. If you bring them, keep in mind people sit everywhere. Clean up of pet waste is a must. Thanks for reaching out. Have a great festival experience.

  1. Had a blast at this year’s Medicine Wheel festival 2017 with my buddy J and his kid.

    Venue is super cool too. Big red barn gives lots of character and soul. Lots of good grass and shade. Love that one tree in the courtyard. If you had a good time, you might also try Music at Snipe’ s Farm. Support mother nature at these awesome venues: Tree Cities!

    • Absolutely, Lana! Medicine Wheel Festival is a Rain and Shine event!
      There is a big, barn for a place to get out of the rain and enjoy the pop up Art Gallery!

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