Previous Festivals

Medicine Wheel Festival  2015

MedicineWheelFestival7front MedicineWheelFestival7backRedone2


Activities include: Spirit Hoopers Performance, Garden Tours, a Foraging Plant Walk with Dan Farella, workshops on Gardening and Mushroom Propagation.

It is a fundraising event to keep the gardens maintained and take care of much needed upkeep of the buildings. Plant sales, raffles and auctions will generate money for Outlook Lodge and other Heritage and Agriculture Association projects at Lusscroft Farm.” The plant sale will offer native and deer resistant landscape, medicinal plants and herbs, heirloom and organic vegetables and more.521345_4099212084957_1311848759_n

Two full days of local music and arts will permeate the gardens and grounds.


5 thoughts on “Previous Festivals

  1. hello we are African drummers and would love to come play at this event if you are interested in having us, please contact us at this e mail address, thank you Laura

  2. Hi Laura! We would be glad to have you perform at the festival this year, unfortunately our main stage has been booked for quite some time now. With that being said, if you would still like to perform im sure we can find another area off the main stage where you can setup. Please fill out you info on the Contact Us link and i will have the right people get in touch with you. Thanks again for your interest in performing with us

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