Medicine Wheel Festival & Community Garden Celebration 2017

Here are some photos that our guests took of the Festival!

NJH write up 2017.jpg Great write up in the New Jersey Herald

Paulie Hugs 2017 BEARCLAWFIST Everybody loves Paulie hugs!

Tribute to Brian Hennessey 2017 TSF.jpg Tribute to Brian Hennessey and previous Festivals

Family fun at the festival 2017 CEP Lots of family fun

Festivals are fun 2017 Heather Gallia Kids just feel so happy here

Freehand's Rabbit and child 2017 Heather Gallia Freehand Custom Carvings Rabbit was a huge hit with the kids

Fun with the bears 2017 Jason Townsend.jpg Great picture!

Kids & Wigwam 2017 SteffBlake-Lastra.jpg Wigwam fun

Kids and plants 2017 JK.jpg Children love the gardens

Lawlor Fun 2017 BEARCLAWFIST.jpg

Gardens and Vendors 2017 TSFISCHER.jpg

Tortoise at Festival time 2017 AD.jpg

Green Wood Man by Freehand.jpg Tree Man

Hooping & Face painting 2017

what is so interesting matty carl 2017 What is everyone looking at?

peekaboo pretzel Matty Carl 2017.jpg Peek-a-boo Pretzel

Nick2017Matty Carl.jpg Crowd Control

saving the day runaway truck Nick saves the day

Medicine Wheel Pieces matty carl 2017.jpg Medicine Wheel Pieces – Community Art

Owl 2017 Matty Carl






Back of 2017 poster

James Lashway says: “Another wonderful Medicine Wheel has come and gone. Big thank you to everyone who organized and volunteered this weekend.”

Kieran Michael Kiss says: “What a beautiful weekend! It was so great to reconnect with so many familiar faces as well as make new friends

Heather Gallia says: “Lots of fun yesterday! Thank You for a wonderful festival!”

Connie Jasper says: “The festival was wonderful! Thank you to everyone who put it all together!”

Alexandra Christina says: “This was amazing! Thank you”

Steff Blake-Lastra says: “We had a wonderful time, thank you to all who set this up!”