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Pottsville PA Band Network

Pottsville PA Band Network says:

“Thank you to everyone for this amazing event!!  I thought I’d share the videos of some of the bands that I was able to capture, these videos feature some of my best friends & their bands which includes The Joe Cirotti Band, Joseph Henry & The Oaks Band, & The Jungle Jazz Initiative, the others I’ve featured here I hadn’t yet had the pleasure to see & hear live or meet yet, but am thrilled to have done so now.

Their performances were all terrific, my compliments to the bands, their members, the stage crew,sound, etc.

I do hope my videos have done them justice and that you’ll all enjoy! 🙂 Till Next Year!! Hugs!! https://www.youtube.com/playlist…

Sean Henry Tonight And The Tonighters and Bright-Eyed Deliverance both had a absolute blast playing for you guys! Thanks to all the volunteers and vendors that made it so awesome! Glad the weather turned out to be beautiful!!!”

Kyle Constantine says: “What an amazing time with all of you! Kdiggy said you all were awesome and had a great time playing! I’ll try and make it next time 😉Let the flowers bloom people!”

Steven Araujo says: “Grateful for this weekend. A big thanks to everyone who volunteered, organized, performed, and attended. I had a blast and it was the perfect environment for my two little girls to have a great time and catch their dad do his thing in Cabbage Platter”.

another view music field 2017 TSF Lots of folks were enjoying the music

MUSIC Nate the Great 2 2017.jpg Nate the Great

MUSIC Emily Barnes, Pete Lister Mari Byrd 2017.jpg Emily Barnes

Music - John Bendy 2017 KaleeMcCloud John Bendy

MUSIC Brother Buddha 2017AD Brother Buddha

MUSIC Joe Cirotti Band 2 2017 TSF.jpg Joe Cirroti Band

MUSIC Mike Lawlor 2017 AD Mike Lawlor