2017 Pop Up Art Gallery

1 More art 2017 TSF

Pop Up Art sign.jpg


Marley Cameron Pop Up Art 2017 TSF Art by Marley Cameron

Pop Up Art by Nancy McLain 2017 TSF

Art by Nancy McLain

More art 2017 TSF

Art 2017 TSF

Art Gallery 2017 TSFjpg

Pop Up Art Gallery 2017 TSF

Chalk is part of the art 2017 Heather Gallia Chalk is art too!


Stefanie Jasper says: “Another amazing community mural art project brought to you by Get Juiced Farm. It was a beautiful day filled with warmth, fun, and loving connection. We are grateful to have been included.”

Community Art 2017 1

                                    Community Art 2 2017

Communiity Art by Get Juiced Farm 2017 AD

waiting their turn community art 2017 CEP Patiently waiting to add to the Art Project

Medicine Wheel Garden signs past TSF

For four years now, the Art students at High Point High School create these beautiful signs for the Medicine Wheel Garden. These represent the moon cycles of the 12 sections of the “pie”.


Artists: Bring your Visual Art works to the Barn at Lusscroft Farm Thursday May 18th and Friday May 19th between 3pm and 8pm and pick up Sunday May 21st or Monday May 22nd.

ALL ART WORK must have your Name and Contact info on the back.  The barn will be locked each evening.

The Pop Up Art Gallery at Medicine Wheel Festival is an instant Art Exhibit featuring visual art works by local Northwest NJ area artists of all skills and ages. The gallery comes together before and during the Medicine Wheel festival with the help of volunteers, art students, gallery owners, artists and admirers.

Artists bring their work during the week before the festival and display it at the historical Lusscroft Farm barn during the weekend event.

Volunteers are also needed to help with art set up and display the week before and all art must be picked up by the end of the event on Sunday evening.

Contact Art Volunteer, Kath Galvin at swirlysunburst@gmail.com to get involved by helping out, offering an art activity or spreading the word.

The Medicine Wheel Festival has art happening everywhere during the event.  Come get inspired, create, enjoy.