Ongoing Projects and Accomplishments to Date


The Medicine Wheel Garden Project at Lusscroft Farm began in the Spring of 2009 with the installation of the Medicine Wheel Community Garden and “medicinal compost” system. Our mission was to establish a botanical destination within the state park system and to bring agriculture and education back to the property, rich in agricultural history, research and innovation, as well as to demonstrate bio-intensity, bio-diversity, and relativity using sustainable and organic farming methodologies.

Started in an unshaven hay field, the Medicine Wheel  is a 48 foot circular garden comprised of 12 individual pie slice shaped gardens with a flag pole at its center and a pathway between each garden serving as the spokes of the wheel. Each garden, dedicated to one moon cycle features 3 native medicinal herbs associated with the direction that the garden faces along with other complimentary and deer resistant, ornamental flowers,herbs and ground covers.

The “medicinal compost” system is based on a method perfected by Brian Hennessey, one of the founding members of the garden project at Lusscroft. Medicinal plants used in bio-dynamic farming – such as stinging nettle, valerian, yarrow, chamomile, horsetail, dandelion, comfrey and many others from the garden – are grown, harvested and utilized with grass clippings to make up the green layers  in the compost piles. Alternately, brown layers are made up of leaves, leaf mold, and straw. Native soil, manure, food scraps and worm castings are layered in as well as bio-activators. The piles are free standing and are shaped, aerated and watered regularly to ensure continuous decomposition, maturing in as little as 180 days with no turning. Each year we have featured composting workshops as part of our educational programming.

Volunteers hosted the 1st annual Medicine Wheel Community Garden Celebration at Lusscroft Farm  May 16th & 17th, 2009.



Design and installation of the ” Sister Moon “garden. In the shape of a half moon, this garden features many plants with silver foliage to fluoresce by moonlight & flowers in cool shades of pink, white & blue. Many native, medicinal and aromatic plants are also part of the design.

Volunteers hosted the 2nd annual Medicine Wheel Community Garden Celebration at Lusscroft Farm May 22nd & 23rd, 2010

 Sister Moon Garden at Lusscroft Farm



 Design and installation of the foundation planting was added in front of the Manor House. As we started planting around the buildings we sought to work with plants that have grown on the property for a long time and plants that have been used in landscaping from the period when the buildings were first used as residences. The plan was designed by landscape architect Anne Fahey who donated her time and services. We plan to continue with ” heritage or period ” planting as a theme around the Manor House and Managers Dwelling side of Nielson Road.

LusscroftBuildings (2)

The first garlic and heirloom tomato planting at Lusscroft Farm was added. This was very important as it was the first planting of  food crops. We chose garlic as it can be planted without a fence. Currently we are growing 18 varieties of garlic including hardneck and softneck varieties as well as shallots. The purpose of these plantings is to research varietal preferences, establish stock and eventually bring to market. With the heirloom tomatoes we launched a seed saving initiative and have been saving seeds ever since. So far we have saved 16 varieties of tomatoes.

MedicineWheelRandom (3)

We hosted the 3rd annual Medicine Wheel Community Garden Celebration at Lusscroft Farm May 21st & 22nd, 2011


Volunteers designed and installed the foundation planting in front of the Managers Dwelling and refurbished the garden on the side of the building. Many thanks to Medicine Wheel and long time gardener Nancy McLain from Sussex. Much of the plant material came from Nancy’s yard and she managed the design & installation. Nancy’s own gardens are an example of how “only a forty year old garden can be” with mature stands of plants gathered over the years and from the surrounding area.

LusscroftBuildings (4)

The building of the ” sweet pea wiki-up” came next. Built by Medicine Wheel volunteers and students from the Ridge & Valley Charter School, the structure is constructed of local willow branches built into a rounded shape like a wigwam used by native people from the area. Planted around it are Sweet Pea plants that grow up the sides. These Sweet Peas have been growing at Lusscroft for decades. This was the beginning of a “children’s garden”. There is an opening facing east that allows for sitting inside and has been a favorite spot for children and photo opportunities.

MedicineWheelRandom (2)

Volunteers continued the planting of garlic and heirloom tomatoes from our own saved garlic and tomato seeds along the fence and in the field adjacent to the Medicine Wheel Garden .

We hosted the 4th annual Medicine Wheel Community Garden Celebration at Lusscroft Farm May 19th & 20th, 2012



Continuing the planting of garlic and heirloom tomatoes from our saved garlic and tomato seeds, we added our first pumpkin crop.We hosted  our first “pick your own & paint” pumpkin event.

Volunteers hosted the 5th annual Medicine Wheel Community Garden Celebration & Festival at Lusscroft Farm May 18th & 19th, 2013.

“The Owl” was gifted to the Sister Moon Garden from Freehand Custom Carvings. We had around 600 attendees. We had a raffle of a Custom Carved Bear that was donated by Brett McLain of Freehand Custom Carvings. All proceeds went to Restoration of Lusscroft Farm.

 * Please note * Our annual garden celebration became also a” festival” at this juncture continuing our commitment to agricultural and educational demonstrations and workshops and also featuring two full days of music showcasing local performing artists.



The yearly planting garlic and heirloom tomatoes from our saved garlic and tomato seeds including creating a new garlic bed. We planted our second pumpkin crop and hosted our second “pick your own & paint” pumpkin event.

Volunteers began working with cover crops including dutch white clover and winter rye to research & demonstrate the soil building properties of adding cover crops to the planting rotation. Further exploration including additional cover cropping is surely part of our farm development.

We hosted the 6th annual Medicine Wheel Community Garden Celebration & Festival at Lusscroft Farm, May 17th & 18th, 2014 including our first “Pop Up” Art Gallery. Before we knew it,  a piano rolled in and became also a “pop up” music gallery!

“The Turtle” was gifted to the Medicine Wheel Garden by Freehand Custom Carvings. We had about 1200 attendees. Seed packets were given out instead of “hand stamps”, lovingly packed & donated by the Lawler Family.

MWG The Turtle 2014

Our “Gardens Without Fences & Classrooms Without Walls” educational program was launched.

We lost one of our founding fathers this year, Brian Hennessey – Medicine Wheel Garden founding member, visionary, artist, community activist and beloved friend. Before passing in the Fall, he was able to attend his last Medicine Wheel Community Garden Celebration & Festival and had a blast. Many people hovered around to show their huge love for what he had helped to create back in 2009. Volunteers hosted a memorial service in honor of  Brian, including a memorial tree planting .

003 (3)


The “Garden Club” was launched and every Sunday from April through October people could volunteer to put their hands in the soil and really connect with the gardens.

MedicineWheelFirstPlanting (19)

The “Sweet Pea Wiki-Up” needed reinforcing this year, so Paul and volunteers got it shored up and ready for the kids to have more fun!

MWG Wickiwam 2015

We had a fundraising raffle of an Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer crafted by Jim Bangma. The dulcimer was handcrafted from tulip poplar wood salvaged from one of the original barns at Lusscroft. All proceeds went to Restoration of Lusscroft Farm .


The yearly planting garlic and heirloom tomatoes was done from our saved garlic and tomato seeds. We added a fourth bed to our rotation of garlic, pumpkins and cover crops. We planted our third pumpkin crop, however the critters ate every last one of them! Regardless, Paul Cardillo was able to get pumpkins brought in, and hosted our third “pick your own & paint” pumpkin event.

The fallen tree just inside the wall was cleared away along with the poison ivy. The Rugosa Rose garden was restored inside of both of the walls shown here.

MedicineWheelRandom (4)

We hosted the 7th annual Medicine Wheel Community Garden Celebration & Festival at Lusscroft Farm, May 16th & 17th, 2015. Musicians, Pop-Up Artists, Farmers, Crafters and Vendors, people of all ages gathered for the best Festival to date.

“The Bench” was gifted to Brian Hennessey’s Memorial Garden by Freehand Custom Carvings. We had about 1400 attendees. Seed packets were given out instead of “hand stamps”, lovingly donated by the Lawler Family.

Medicine Wheel Festival pic 2015


The Volunteer Committee voted after much deliberation that going forward the name of our event will be called “Annual Medicine Wheel Festival and Community Garden Celebration” since we are growing every year.

The Medicine Wheel Council, in cooperation with Heritage & Agriculture Association, raises funds that ALL go back to Lusscroft Farm for the upkeep, restoration, and sustainable agriculture projects. The funds that all of the volunteers for Lusscroft raised helped contribute to the desperately needed painting of the Barn. It was done in time for the Festival and it looks really great!

Volunteers held our 8th Annual Medicine Wheel Festival & Community Garden Celebration on May 14 & 15. While the weekend weather shed a bit of snow, hail, rain and a lot of cold wind all around Sussex County, we on the mountain saw a little rain and 2 or 3 snowflakes, but it was quite chilly & windy!

For the first time, we had carriage rides and pony rides! The food vendors were kept busy, especially with the warmer fare! A varied array of terrific musicians kept our ears tuned in all day of both days. Our Farmers, Crafters & Vendors had many creative and unique products for purchase.

Our workshops – which needed some reinforcement in planning in previous years – came together beautifully to fill both days with ON-TIME workshops of a variety of topics and were well attended. This was an area we really wanted to strengthen, as we are a community of knowledgeable & talented people!

Funds were donated specifically for a “Medicine Wheel Project” by local musicians in hopes that a permanent stage will be erected. We had an anonymous donation of an additional $1000 and more from the project cans at the gates. In December the musicians also planned another fundraiser so all told, we have about $4500 towards it. We estimate we will need double that to get the stage up. We have many talented folks in our community – builders and artists – who will help build it when the time comes. A young man has volunteered to work up an architectural drawing for submission to Heritage & Agriculture Committee. We will need a licensed architectural drawing for approval from the State of NJ. If you know of any architects who would like to do a “community project” with donated time, please let us know! More to come on this!



The 9th Annual Medicine Wheel Festival & Community Garden Celebration was held on May 20 & 21. We, as a group of volunteers, are getting more organized as we plan and accomplish the things needing to be done by certain dates in order for the festival to run smoothly. We are growing a little bit every year, so every volunteer helps! We always need volunteers!

We had out 1st annual poster contest in January for the 2017 poster and handbills. There were several great submissions. The chosen artwork was done by Paul Cardillo.


We had Heritage & Agriculture Association (of which the Medicine Wheel Garden is  part of) combine their Annual Photography Contest and the Barn Sale with the Festival for the first time- both went very well! We added a Community Art Project sponsored by Get Juiced. We had a historical tour of the Manor House, Manager’s Dwelling and Root Cellar – the FIRST time the buildings have been open (briefly) during our festival!

Photo Contest Poster LusscroftBuildings (2) Communiity Art by Get Juiced Farm 2017 AD

The workshops were VERY well attended, and in the second year of great organization, people are now coming specifically to attend those which interest them. We always have our own Lusscroft Farm Maple Syrup for sale – made right on down at the Sugar Shack. The overwhelmingly attended Historical House Tour ended in a hike up to Outlook Lodge – BONUS!

NJH write up 2017  LuscroftNov2013 (18) Avian Wildlife Center Owl 2017 Heather Gallia

Front page of NJ Herald                  Outlook Lodge                                Avian Wildlife Center

Our musicians had even better amplification and the line up was super! Once again, the local and talented musicians jockey for positions to play for us and are AWESOME. We thank you all for donating your time for Lusscroft Farm and the Community.

Musician Lineup

MUSIC Mike Lawlor 2017 AD  MUSIC Emily Barnes, Pete Lister Mari Byrd 2017

Music - John Bendy 2017 KaleeMcCloud      JoeBiglin

The pony rides and wagon rides were busy – all day, both days – taking folks for a peaceful ride around the farm. The food vendors were all busy and we had something for everyone. From garlic nuts to wraps, to wood fired pizza to breakfast wraps and an amazing assortment of fresh juices, to hot dogs and cotton candy…. we had farmers selling eggs, honey, garlic, veggies and more. Our Lusscroft Farm sponsored bake sale is always a hit! We had a wide assortment of crafters & vendors along with non-profit groups. This festival is buzzing with activity!

The Pop Up Art Gallery is catching on….. we had some terrific entries!

Pop Up Art sign  Art 2017 TSF  Pop Up Art by Nancy McLain 2017 TSF

Art Gallery 2017 TSFjpg    Marley Cameron Pop Up Art 2017 TSF

Our festival is a place where everyone joins in the fun – from the wee ones to the elders.

Lawlor Fun 2017 BEARCLAWFIST  Freehand's Rabbit and child 2017 Heather Gallia Forging with JB Creations 2017 AD

another view music field 2017 TSF  Pony Rides 2017 Steff Blake-Lastra  Vendors at Barn 2017 TSF

We could not do this without all of the help we get from VOLUNTEERS! We are grateful for all of your time and efforts spent to help make this a successful event.

Come join us in 2018!

peekaboo pretzel Matty Carl 2017



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